Chikara is by far my favorite wrestling promotion. I think it embodies everything that is good about pro wrestling. It’s the only one in America (and probably the universe) that takes inspiration from pop culture, comics, mythology, psychology, video games, and many other sources, to create a unique and vibrant culture. There’s no shortage of deep and fascinating storylines. Chikara features long-term booking at its best and a number of stories have their roots in earlier Seasons. There’s so much depth and storylines can be taken a number of ways and viewed on a number of levels. For someone like me, who loves to sit, ponder, and analyze them,  it’s incredibly satisfying.

Some of the best wrestlers today are on the roster and they draw others from all over the world. The styles displayed in the ring range vary from Lucha to American to Puro to British. I think pretty much every wrestling fan will find a wrestler whose style they love, whether they lean toward high-fliers, mat technicians, or both. The live shows are great – I always have the best time. It is a family-like atmosphere and everyone is there for the same reasons – because they love wrestling and want to have fun. And isn’t that the point?

I’ve watched Chikara since August 2009. My first show was the finals of the YLC (which Player Dos and later Tim Donst won,) but in no way consider myself an expert. I’m learning new stuff all the time, which I love, because there’s always something different to uncover. For more on Chikara, check out,  Chikara 101, and The CHIKARAtorium.


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