I had the pleasure of working at CHIKARA for about a year and a half, as it’s intrepid reporter and “girl friday”, writing, podcasting, managing merch, running ring crew, and tearing tickets. In addition, I was in training at The Wrestle Factory to be a referee, until a severe wrist injury forced me to stop for now.

I think CHIKARA embodies everything that is good about pro wrestling. It takes inspiration from pop culture, comics, mythology, psychology, video games, and many other sources, to create a unique and vibrant culture. Chikara features long-term booking at its best and a number of stories have their roots in earlier Seasons. There’s so much depth and storylines can be taken a number of ways and viewed on a number of levels.

I think pretty much every wrestling fan will find a wrestler whose style they love, whether they lean toward high-fliers, mat technicians, or both. The live shows are great, as they have a family-like atmosphere. Plus, everyone is there because they love wrestling and want to have fun. And isn’t that the point?


Chikara in 15 Minutes or Less

A KYW 1060 News Radio-Inspired Podcast


Raw Transcripts:


Chattin’ with the CHIKARMY

Features Interviews With Fans Talking CHIKARA




Who Watches Chikara’s Watchmen?

3.0 and the Quest for The Promised Land

Chikara’s Watchmen and the Nature of Heroes


Jigsaw and Self-Image

Love, Wrestling, and Chikara

The Osirian Portal Part 1

The Osirian Portal Part 2

The Self-Actualization of Archibald Peck

Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier Overview

Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier Storyline

Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier: The End

Ultramantis as a Tragic Hero

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